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Proposed by Tim Andersson
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Proposed branch: ubuntu-manual-tests:amend_ubiquity_screenreader
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Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

I see you've tried to comment out a couple of steps in the test case, this isn't actually working on the ISO tracker. I tried various different combinations of adjusting where the comment starts and ends but never got it to work. Subsequently, I'm just going to drop those couple of lines.

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1diff --git a/testcases/image/1309_Install (Screen Reader) b/testcases/image/1309_Install (Screen Reader)
2index 6aad1c8..c443f3d 100644
3--- a/testcases/image/1309_Install (Screen Reader)
4+++ b/testcases/image/1309_Install (Screen Reader)
5@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ This is an installation using the Screen-Reader as done by a visually blind indi
6 <dt>Press Alt+Super+S to start the screen-reader</dt>
7 <dt>Press Alt+Tab to change to the installer</dt>
8 <dt>Press Up or Down arrow to select your language(default is English)</dt>
9- <dt>Press Tab once to "Try FAMILY"</dt>
10- <dt>Press Enter</dt>
11+ <dt>Press Tab twice to "Install FAMILY"</dt>
12+ <!-- <dt>Press Enter</dt>
13 <dt>Wait for the Desktop to begin the installation. </dt>
14 <dt>Press Super+1 to begin the installation. Super is the left windows key</dt>
15- <dt>Use up-arrow and down-arrow to select the language you want to the installation to use </dt>
16+ <dt>Use up-arrow and down-arrow to select the language you want to the installation to use </dt> -->
17 <dt>Press Enter</dt>
18 <dt>Use up-arrow and down-arrow to hear the options and spacebar to select them</dt>
19 <dt>Press Enter</dt>


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