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1a9d3e4... by Dan Streetman

d/rules: call dch to create new changelog entry before building

db12120... by Dan Streetman

d/control: add build deps: git, libdistro-info-perl, sed,

7f227f6... by Dan Streetman

update changelog

d598900... by Dan Streetman

d/control: remove no longer needed requirements

Nothing uses termcolor or yaml anymore in the code

b4ca04e... by Dan Streetman

test: fix archive tests

Assumptions were made about the implementation by mocking
that are no longer true, and the tests generally need to be
fixed to be more robust about testing

0eaf717... by Dan Streetman

test: fix example package class

this class can be much simpler and more robust and doesn't require
checking in the example package files to git

1b12d8b... by Dan Streetman

archive: convert to use pathlib instead of os.path

Mostly convert to using pathlib

be6e09a... by Dan Streetman

archive: don't use existing file if no verification methods provided

we shouldn't use an existing file if we aren't checking its checksums

8627666... by Dan Streetman

archive: Update PersonalPackageArchiveSourcePackage to handle private PPA

Unfortunately private PPAs require downloading files from the special server
private-ppa.launchpad.net, and all the usual urls provided by the LP api fail.
So add code to handle using those custom private URLs, and use authentication
when downloading.

3f2983c... by Dan Streetman

misc: Change download() method to use python requests and optional authentication

Since private PPAs require authentication, use python requests library instead
of urlopen(), since requests handles authentication easily