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0f619e8... by Corey Bryant on 2019-06-17

releasing package neutron version 2:12.0.6-0ubuntu2

343f1c6... by Corey Bryant on 2019-06-17

d/p/revert-iptables-tcp-checksum-fill-code.patch: Cherry-picked from upstream to revert invalid use of iptables -j CHECKSUM (LP: #1722584).

91fbdd5... by James Page on 2019-06-03

d/p/bug1826419.patch: Cherry pick fix to revert incorrect changes to internal DNS behaviour (LP: #1826419).

0b92813... by Corey Bryant on 2019-05-28

releasing package neutron version 2:12.0.6-0ubuntu1

c3c4809... by Corey Bryant on 2019-05-28

d/changelog: Minor change to wording for dropped patches.

cbc8a60... by Sahid Orentino on 2019-05-24

New stable point release for OpenStack Queens (LP: #1830341).

* d/p/set-initial-ha-router-state-in-neutron-keepalived-st.patch: Is
  an unnecessary patch anymore.
* d/p/fix-KeyError-in-OVS-firewall.patch: Is an unnecessary patch
* d/p/metadata-use-requests-for-comms-with-nova-api.patch: Is an
  unnecessary patch anymore.
* d/p/bug1823038.patch: Is an unnecessary patch anymore.
* d/p/Spawn-metadata-proxy-on-dvr-ha-standby-routers.patch: Is an
  unnecessary patch anymore.

057d642... by Sahid Orentino on 2019-05-28

Update upstream source from tag '12.0.6'

Update to upstream version '12.0.6'
with Debian dir c094366cf8f6a3fabbcec2166750f01e754ab61d

7742949... by Sahid Orentino on 2019-05-28

New upstream version 12.0.6

2aa0181... by Corey Bryant on 2019-05-13

releasing package neutron version 2:12.0.5-0ubuntu5

21186b4... by Corey Bryant on 2019-05-13

Backport fix for dvr+l3ha metadata service not available
- d/p/Spawn-metadata-proxy-on-dvr-ha-standby-routers.patch (LP: #1606741)