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5d4d5dc... by Iain Lane

britney: Disable Built-Using policy

Launchpad currently doesn't enforce this, so it doesn't make too much
sense to do so in proposed-migration.

Once https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1868558 is fixed, we
should think about probably re-enabling this.

3122685... by Iain Lane

Add Ubuntu configuration

fa3f8b8... by Iain Lane

excuse: When writing HTML, say that packages are not considered when they need further action

We currently have excuses.html saying:

  x264 (2:0.155.2917+git0a84d98-2 to 2:0.159.2999+git296494a-2)

      Migration status for x264 (2:0.155.2917+git0a84d98-2 to 2:0.159.2999+git296494a-2): BLOCKED: Cannot migrate due to another item, which is blocked (please check which dependencies are stuck)
      Issues preventing migration:
      Implicit dependency: x264 nageru (not considered)
      Invalidated by implicit-dependency
      Implicit dependency: x264 ffmpeg
      Implicit dependency: x264 gst-plugins-ugly1.0
      Implicit dependency: x264 handbrake
      Implicit dependency: x264 libquicktime
      Implicit dependency: x264 mplayer
      Implicit dependency: x264 mythtv
      Implicit dependency: x264 obs-studio
      Implicit dependency: x264 vlc
      Implicit dependency: x264 xpra
      Additional info:
      8 days old

Apart from `nageru` it's not clear here that some further packages need
working on to move this migration forward. In fact, the package
`gst-plugins-ugly1.0` is FTBFS

  Migration status for gst-plugins-ugly1.0 (1.16.2-2build2 to
  1.16.2-2build3): BLOCKED: Maybe temporary, maybe blocked but Britney
  is missing information (check below)

as is xpra. The remaining packages are simply those which are part of
this SONAME transition, as such they have

  Migration status for mplayer (2:1.3.0-8build6 to 2:1.3.0-8build7):
  BLOCKED: Cannot migrate due to another item, which is blocked (please
  check which dependencies are stuck)

All of these excuses are (or should be) "invalid", but only the ones
which are not BLOCKED_BY_ANOTHER_ITEM require direct action. We should
show this, so that maintainers can see what they need to concentrate on.

When outputting depdencency problems, consider the policy verdict of the
excuse. If it's one that indicates further work is required for that
excuse, indicate this by outputting "(not considered)".

9e8fa34... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest, DependsPolicy: Run tests where we didn't care about the depends problem

We currently skip running autopkgtests where there is an installability
problem, but in a few cases the depends policy notes these only, but
otherwise doesn't block migration on them.

In these cases, let's try to run the autopkgtests anyway. There will be
a few instances of uninstallability here, but since we migrate the
packages we should give them a chance to be tested.

e09ea3f... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: When skipping linux-* packages for Ubuntu, consider the source suite

We often introduce new kernels post-release, and we still want to not
trigger tests for the kernel image packages. Check for -meta in the
*source* suite as well as the target.

Fix the -meta name calculation for linux-signed-foo.

8cb336e... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Add back hack to only trigger selected tests for gcc-N

We might want to consider doing this in a more generic way.

178831e... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Import amqplib when submitting test requests

Commit b82f4fc63238e48a8b7c76f32576dee2cd57d403 moved the importing of
amqplib to be done when required, but it missed a spot.

3d09947... by Iain Lane

DependsPolicy: print some info when skipping the dep check

The autopkgtest policy prints when it doesn't run a test due to a
package being unsatisfiable on an arch. This can be a bit mysterious,
and it can seem like it's causing the package to not become a candidate,
when it's not. Print some info when we decide not to skip indicating
what happened.

93c476a... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Submit multiple triggers to amqp as a list

We currently concatenate all triggers together into a string, but the
AMQP consumer expects this to be a list.

When using AMQP, keep the triggers as a list. Ensure that the "real"
trigger (the package being tested) is kept first, as before.

c34cb8c... by Iain Lane

britney: Allow breaking of packages on one arch when removing cruft

If all smooth updating/cruft is on a BREAK_ARCH then this can
legitimately happen.