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259217f... by Iain Lane

Add Ubuntu configuration

61ed4eb... by Iain Lane

DependsPolicy: print some info when skipping the dep check

The autopkgtest policy prints when it doesn't run a test due to a
package being unsatisfiable on an arch. This can be a bit mysterious,
and it can seem like it's causing the package to not become a candidate,
when it's not. Print some info when we decide not to skip indicating
what happened.

db9ddb7... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Submit multiple triggers to amqp as a list

We currently concatenate all triggers together into a string, but the
AMQP consumer expects this to be a list.

When using AMQP, keep the triggers as a list. Ensure that the "real"
trigger (the package being tested) is kept first, as before.

45322ca... by Iain Lane

britney: Allow breaking of packages on one arch when removing cruft

If all smooth updating/cruft is on a BREAK_ARCH then this can
legitimately happen.

283f6ca... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Don't output an info line for ignored failures

We already skip displaying most other types of results where no action
is required including ALWAYSFAIL, should do it for hints too

dc98eda... by Iain Lane

suiteloader: Handle NBS

If we have this situation

  - Binary in target taken over by new source
  - Not cleaned up yet
  - New source updated in source suite

We can have *three* copies of a source package visible to britney at
once. Handle this case by recording the source package a pkgid was seen
in before.

3988d70... by Iain Lane

suiteloader: Don't need to do an 'in' check when adding to a set

6bea011... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Retry downloads

If we have a slightly flaky network / endpoint, retrying can help us to
keep going rather than crash & restart.

73a6e7f... by Iain Lane

excusefinder: Support not having arch-all buildds

On some distros (Ubuntu), arch:all packages are built along with one of
the architectures. We shouldn't be listing 'all' as its own arch in this
case. Instead we filter out the binaries except for on the

45515e7... by Iain Lane

Support writing excuses YAML to xz and gz files