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3ddac11... by Iain Lane

suiteloader: Handle arch-all packages properly when merging binaries

In 'partial source' mode, which we use in Ubuntu, we merge the target
(release pocket) with the source (proposed), so that proposed-migration
has a view of the complete state of the archive when it is migrating.

This merging must not be done when a package has been built in the
source suite. If it is done incorrectly, proposed-migration will see the
previous binary packages as existing when they should not.

We have code to handle this already, but it's wrong in the case of
arch:all binaries. This comes up in two ways

  - If a source package builds *only* arch:all binaries, it is not
    expected that builds will be created on arches other than the one
    which builds arch:all packages (amd64 currently). If that is built
    then the package is complete, we shouldn't merge any old binaries
    such as dropped arch:all ones from the target.
  - Relatedly, if other non-arch-all packages exist, an arch:all package
    isn't an indication that a build has taken place on other arches
    than the all buildd arch.

Fixing both of these stops old binaries being merged into a new source
when it's been built and arch:all packages are involved.

53bab41... by Iain Lane

No udebs

16398f0... by Iain Lane

Disable adt

227d040... by Iain Lane

Run in dry-run mode

d9891a7... by Dimitri John Ledkov

suiteloader: add configuration option whether to load udebs.

udebs do not have symbol versioned shlibdeps, thus it means that when
there is glibc in proposed, any packages built in proposed get a udeb
depends on the strictly higher version of glibc in proposed. This
leads to entaglement of the $world with glibc transition. Similar
story with glib, openssl, etc.

By setting the new configuration option to HAS_UDEBS = no, one can
make suiteloader not look at udebs, and thus use britney even when
installability of udebs is not required.

fd48bfe... by Steve Langasek

Update gcc regexp to handle gcc versions > 9

dfe2205... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

add a message when list of valid/invalid excuses fails to validate

f0e46d7... by Iain Lane

britney: Disable Built-Using policy

Launchpad currently doesn't enforce this, so it doesn't make too much
sense to do so in proposed-migration.

Once https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1868558 is fixed, we
should think about probably re-enabling this.

8fb4d5d... by Iain Lane

BlockPolicy, ExcuseFinder: refer to DISTRO-release

On Ubuntu we want this to say ubuntu-release, on Debian debian-release.
Substitute the first part with the name of the distro.

0dbeb64... by Iain Lane

Add Ubuntu configuration