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bb032d9... by Iain Lane

SRU ADT: Be clear when printing log messages in dry-run mode

c1f8ab2... by Iain Lane

SRU ADT tests: Be more idiomatic

Use @patch decorator instead of ExitStack context manager. This is more
consistent with the rest of the testsuite we have in britney.

Use some more idiomatic assertions, e.g.

1690624... by Łukasz Zemczak

Add a new policy to message bugs on SRU regressions

It works like this. We wait until all tests have finished running. and
then grab their results. If there are any regressions, we mail each bug
with a link to pending-sru.html. There's a state file which records the
mails we've sent out, so that we don't mail the same bug multiple times.

daaadf5... by Łukasz Zemczak

Re-add missing SRU members to the britney.conf hint permissions.

c12d92e... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Handle 'blacklisted' version

The apt version comparison sorts 'blacklisted' greater than most version
numbers, which means that we accidentally apply force hints for version
'blacklisted' to all uploads. Since this is the only case of a hacked
version number, let's special case it so that 'blacklisted' hints only
match packages with 'blacklisted' version.

bbabac1... by Iain Lane

Repair requests without testpkg-version

We're supposed to synthesise an "unknown" version for these, but a bug
in the worker meant we didn't do that in some cases and these leaked
into swift. Let's repair it client-side.

0ff44d9... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Handle status '8' as a pass

This means 'all tests were skipped', or 'no tests in this package'. The
former case is new after our recent autopkgtest rebase.

Upstream britney (624b185ba60709f1686fbaa2a7623a94c5cb23ef) handles this
as "neutral", which doesn't influence the result and is a more explicit
(better) way of expressing this situation. Once we rebase, we should
take that approach.

73b4c3b... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: put delivery_mode in the right place

f8bfbfe... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Make pycodestyle clean (--ignore=E501,W504)

62ca3b1... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Publish AMQP messages persistently

We want to ask the broker to write them out to disk, hoepfully
mitigating against it crashing.