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b516778... by Iain Lane

Drop riscv64 from BREAK/NEW arches

doko requested this, so that any initial transitions are complete here.

0329fb2... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: When we're missing builds on non-adt arches only, go ahead and run the tests

Again the rest of britney will take care of invalidating the excuse if
it needs to.

f63ec07... by Iain Lane

Drop ppc64el from results for uninstallable test, not needed

865ac5d... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: If there are unsatisfied deps on non-adt arches, still request the test

We still want to be blocked by other parts of britney, but we can run
the tests to see their results now.

eee029b... by Iain Lane

tests: Allow the same package to be added on different arches

So we can make uninstallable packages on some arches only

da67cc1... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Don't block packages in BREAK_ARCHES

We currently reject packages which have *any* unsatisfiable
dependencies, which is more strict than britney itself.

648b63c... by Iain Lane

britney.conf: Add riscv64 to ARCHITECTURES / BREAK_ARCHES / NEW_ARCHES

dc62462... by Steve Langasek

force harder on sourceppa.

We need the force hinting here to modify the real excuses, otherwise it
comes back around later.

79d1bde... by Steve Langasek

check for force hints as part of the source ppa policy

If our policy marks a bunch of related packages here as non-candidates, a
force hint processed later for the package which was not a candidate is
insufficient. Instead, check here for a force hint that would
unconditionally mark a package a candidate before marking related packages
as non-candidates.

a46ea8d... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Add some retry logic