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8f1a646... by Martin Pitt

autopkgtest: Add "huge" AMQP queues

Add new "huge" AMQP queues

Whenever a package like glibc or perl gets uploaded, these trigger thousands of
tests that fill the queues for several days. This can't (solely) be addressed
by adding more capacity due to the sheer size. The main annoyance of this is
that this blocks propagation of every other package in -proposed during that

AMQP has no concept of priorities within a queue (they are strictly FIFO), so
for packages that trigger a huge number of tests, send these to the new
debci-$release-huge-$arch queues instead.

LP: #1647948

2221872... by Iain Lane

sourceppa: return when recursing

81d522f... by Iain Lane

sourceppa: Retry on timeouts

We're still seeing britney runs failing due to this exception. The
timeout has already been raised to 30 seconds - maybe retrying the
requests a few times will work better.

5c74268... by Robert Bruce Park

Better debug logging for sourceppa problems.

cc50e3a... by Iain Lane

hint-tester: Don't lowercase the input

Doing this means that you can't use the hint tester for packages with
uppercase characters in the version, e.g.

  Version mismatch, dreamchess 0.2.1-rc2-2build1 != 0.2.1-RC2-2build1

b0dc907... by Robert Bruce Park

Stop grouping debian syncs

18fd57e... by Martin Pitt

policies/sourceppa.py: Cache "no PPA" results as well

This accidentally got broken by 11705f4a7.

efd8794... by Martin Pitt

policies/sourceppa.py: Bump Launchpad timeout

Let's see if that helps with the timeouts we get during britney runs.

11705f4... by Martin Pitt

Some PPA landing fixes

The original commit had an unreliable policy info (the peer PPA group), as
correct updating of friends' excuses depends on the processing order.

 - Also add the currently investigated package to the policy info.
 - Add a HTML excuse too, so that excuses.html actually shows the reason for
 - Don't invalidate other excuses multiple times.
 - Change the policy_info to always carry the friend information with it, as
   that's useful to know for accepted packages too. Adjust test_approve_ppa()
 - Verify "reason" field in test_sourceppa_policy()
 - Add another integration test to ensure that this also applies to unbuilt
   packages, not just to rejection from other Policies.
 - Avoid FileNotFoundError, this does not yet exist in Python 3.2.

47f5f0d... by Robert Bruce Park

Reject packages if entire source ppa won't migrate