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0374455... by Steve Langasek

Revert "Temporarily disable autohinter due to a recursion problem"

This reverts commit 83e6102613b37f3e464ecd269b9dd9c621075021.

83e6102... by Steve Langasek

Temporarily disable autohinter due to a recursion problem

e284729... by Steve Langasek

Set SMOOTH_UPDATES = ALL, which is correct for how Ubuntu handles binaries

d9d6261... by Steve Langasek

Merge remote-tracking branch 'juliank/no-testing-triggers'

8239fe9... by Steve Langasek

RIP Adam :/

36459dc... by Steve Langasek

Fix fencepost error when fetching autopkgtest results from sqlite

When querying swift there is no way to take results only newer than a
specified point, you can only query newer than or equal to. But for sqlite
we can absolutely use > instead of >= and avoid re-processing results we've
already seen.

bbdd810... by Steve Langasek

Split all triggers, not just the first one

e7eae44... by Steve Langasek

Merge remote-tracking branch 'juliank/check-new-migration-reference'

11a023d... by Julian Andres Klode

Only log force-reset-test hints for matching packages

Logging all force-reset-test hints for every package causes
about 850 MB of logs in the last run of 880 MB of logs in total,
let's only log ones matching the package instead, as we do for

e9576d5... by Julian Andres Klode

Check for new baseline results if we don't have any yet

In Ubuntu, we only fetch results on demand, so we might not
have seen the results yet.

Debian always fetches results at the beginning so has all the
data ready.