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ba0dc69... by Iain Lane

email: For direct sponsored uploads, email both the sponsor and sponsoree

b896fbf... by Iain Lane

Enable email policy based on a config flag

So we can turn it off for the "notest" run and for the non-dev series.

This is a tristate

 - 'yes': send email as normal
 - 'dry-run': log what it would do, but send no email [nor update the
   cache, so each run is effectively a fresh run]
 - 'no': disable completely

2775a54... by Robert Bruce Park

Email Policy, send emails when packages are rejected.

fe627aa... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Don't request tests for new packages that FTBFS

These are treated separately by britney ('no-binaries' vs.

d366288... by Iain Lane

test_autopkgtest: Remove Testsuite-Triggers

This way we are testing the synthesisted test-dep explicitly

e16195e... by Andy Whitcroft

tests/test_autopkgtest.py: fix test package

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

71c8773... by Andy Whitcroft

linux-meta: add synthetic dependancy for snapd

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

766ed38... by Iain Lane

sourceppa: Refactor exception handling

Use a for loop for retrying instead of recursion, so we don't get nested
exceptions being thrown. Add a test for this flakiness.

9661362... by Iain Lane

sourceppa: Retry 5 times on HTTP 503s

We get these quite frequently from the LP API - have a few attempts.

41d5136... by Iain Lane

autopkgtest: Accept packages which have dropped their tests in unstable

Currently we re-trigger all reverse binary dependencies of a package,
including binary packages built from the same source. We already
explicity trigger the source's own tests if they still exist in unstable
- don't also consider the source when looking at reverse dependencies.