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1c695a6... by Steve Langasek

Merge lp:~brian-murray/britney/britney2-ubuntu

7883959... by Brian Murray

Add active members of the SRU team to hint permissions.

e59a321... by Martin Pitt

Make force-badtest hints apply to running tests

Sometimes it's desirable to force a test while it is still in progress - maybe
for an infrastructure bug, or maybe because you just don't want to wait that
long for another reason.

e43cec8... by Martin Pitt

Make force-badtest hints apply to lower versions

We usually bump force-badtest versions for the devel series, which can cause
apparent regressions in stable tests, or when running tests against
devel-release when bumping the version for devel-proposed.

0d0c9f3... by Martin Pitt

trigger lxd from linux

1c94ef1... by Martin Pitt

Stop triggering juju from gccgo-*, it uses golang almost everywhere now

f9802e9... by Martin Pitt

tests/test_autopkgtest.py: some PEP-8 fixes

cbb79a9... by Martin Pitt

Don't show versions of autopkgtests if they are all running

If a particular test is running on all architectures, the tested version is not
very useful and often even wrong, as we can't yet predict which version will
actually be used (sometimes from testing, sometimes from unstable depending on
apt pinning). So only show it once we have at least one result.

f4ca9d9... by Martin Pitt

Add test for version that is newer in testing

e7b1c6f... by Martin Pitt

tests: Verify that "Not considered" or "Valid candidate" appears in excuses