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b80b8c5... by Steve Langasek

Fix wrong log message

Britney2's Hint object has no 'days' attribute, so we ought not try to
print it.

Seen in the wild for several hours during the Artful Alpha 1 milestone
freeze, when a duplicate block hint caused britney to fail to run due to
the resulting exception.

41ac7a8... by Steve Langasek

Drop transitional code

16cca9c... by Robert Bruce Park

Change SourcePPAPolicy from a blacklist to a whitelist.

858775a... by Iain Lane

email: Make REJECTED_TEMPORARILY packages be not emailed for

These are rejections that we expect to clear out on their own or convert
to REJECTED_PERMANENTLY, at which point we will email.


e00d86a... by Iain Lane

email: If a package is blocked by an explicit block, don't mail

8350694... by Iain Lane

email: Add tests that send email through a mocked SMTP server

I want to fix two bugs in interactions between other parts of britney
and the email policy. It's not currently easy to do so because we just
run the policy itself manually by creating some fake excuses.

Steal part of the machinery from the autopkgtest tests, and run a few
tests through britney completely. Use a fake SMTP server to record which
emails we sent.

(The port is hardcoded - that might not be so smart.)

63573fa... by Robert Bruce Park

Resend emails periodically.

322108d... by Iain Lane

email: beef up the tests very slightly

  - add a day/days case for '1' exactly
  - make some other daysold be non ints

0579677... by Robert Bruce Park

Stop writing "1 days" in emails.

1b4828b... by Robert Bruce Park

Write email cache after every email sent.