Last commit made on 2024-07-16
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3cc6bc4... by Brian Murray

Clarify when to remove some s390x and ppc64el entries from big_packages

5995ce0... by Brian Murray

Merge remote-tracking branch 'uralt/temp-autopkgtest-big-additions'

d0d5b06... by Ural Tunaboyu

big_packages: another round of packages surfaced by stats.py

8a59e2b... by Brian Murray

big_packages: some more rust packages get sigkill'ed

f055d50... by Brian Murray

big_packages: juce was killed once on s390x

433df38... by Brian Murray

big_packages: even more found by stats.py

46f3042... by Brian Murray

more killed tests found with stats.py

5baf6a9... by Brian Murray

add rust-prost/ppc64el to big_packages as it passes in bos03

255b35e... by Brian Murray

More packages found by searching with stats.py

5eb9e70... by Brian Murray

Also add rust-swtchr/ppc64el found by stats.py