Last commit made on 2023-01-27
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3407166... by Graham Inggs

Add spyder to big_packages

eab92a6... by Graham Inggs

Add r-cran-rpact to big_packages

ffb36a8... by Brian Murray

Drop pyside2 from never_run

Since we aren't waiting as long to kick off tests maybe pyside2 will
complete more quickly.

ac791c8... by Brian Murray

Merge remote-tracking branch 'enr0n/dpdk-arm64-big_packages'

a5f405c... by Nick Rosbrook

Add dpdk/arm64 to big_packages

On arm64, the compilation done in test-fastsuite often leads to OOM.
If only the compiler process is killed, the test catches this and skips
itself, which results in a pass overall. Other times, it seems the whole
autopkgtest process is killed, which results in a fail overall.

e4a215b... by Brian Murray

Stop running pyside2 all the time

055ad5a... by Steve Langasek

Add fenics-dolfinx/* to big_packages

1274a41... by Brian Murray

Add khmer to big_packages because it needs more memory

a049b14... by Graham Inggs

Add cppimport to big_packages

d50dbfc... by Brian Murray

Merge remote-tracking branch 'xnox/never-run-eol-kernels'