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Paride Legovini (paride) wrote :

The change is OK but I'm not entirely happy with it as FAIL_PKG_STRINGS already has a "Temporary failure resolving" entry, see:

{'systemd*': ['timed out waiting for testbed to reboot',
              'Timed out on waiting for ssh connection',
              'Temporary failure resolving',

which is exactly the error which appears in the log excerpt that Brian posted a couple of comments above:

Err:1 kinetic/main systemd 251.4-1ubuntu1~ppa6 (tar)
  Temporary failure resolving ''

so this failure case should be already covered. I dug up where that line was added and here is it:

note the commit message:

  In case systemd itself breaks DNS;
  we don't want this to be a tmpfail loop.

Iain was trying to avoid the same retry loop we're trying to tackle here, but for some reason that's not working, and I can't see why.

(Also as I understand it FAIL_PKG_STRINGS is meant to cover *specific* breakage caused by the package (see the comment that describes its purpose), while here we're adding a somehow catchall apt error to the list, which is not specific to systemd.)

I don't want to block merging, but if you can think of why 'Temporary failure resolving' doesn't count as a non-temporary failure for systemd then let's fix this in a more proper way.

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