Last commit made on 2020-10-08
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57b7798... by Chris MacNaughton

d/control: Update VCS paths for move to lp:~ubuntu-openstack-dev.

594a414... by Chuck Short

stable/ocata opening

Signed-off-by: Chuck Short <email address hidden>

3694732... by Corey Bryant

releasing package python-oslo.rootwrap version 5.4.0-0ubuntu1

0e4195c... by Corey Bryant

New upstream release.

4a626dd... by Corey Bryant

Updated version 5.4.0 from '5.4.0'

with Debian dir eb06b78747946c717317404eaa8353957ca38490

e7b97cf... by Corey Bryant

New upstream version 5.4.0

dca08af... by Chuck Short

releasing package python-oslo.rootwrap version 5.3.1-0ubuntu1

aceddb3... by Chuck Short

New upstream version.

* New upstream version.
* d/control: Align (build-)depends with upstream.

b022b2c... by Chuck Short

Updated version 5.3.1 from '5.3.1'

with Debian dir 1bc1209e3c025a8fa1b512101538ffe6a6f05bca

f73bbf5... by Chuck Short

New upstream version 5.3.1