Last commit made on 2021-09-07
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1b548ab... by Chris MacNaughton

releasing package python-os-vif version 2.0.0-0ubuntu2

e135367... by Chris MacNaughton

d/changelog: Merge UNRELEASED sections.

0119aeb... by Frode Nordahl

Cherry-pick fixes for LP: #1892132


21d4658... by Chris MacNaughton

d/control: Update VCS paths for move to lp:~ubuntu-openstack-dev.

7ed2e68... by Corey Bryant

d/gbp.conf: Create stable/ussuri branch.

5745548... by Corey Bryant

releasing package python-os-vif version 2.0.0-0ubuntu1

5f131ee... by Corey Bryant

d/rules: Switch to pybuild.

0b1fdde... by Corey Bryant

d/control: Drop remaining py2 Build-Depends.

47c0e72... by Corey Bryant

New upstream release for OpenStack Ussuri.

3ef6e0a... by Corey Bryant

Update upstream source from tag '2.0.0'

Update to upstream version '2.0.0'
with Debian dir a38e9618cd6cdee9ef07b68a6ee1205893a64cbb