Last commit made on 2021-09-15
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31ba4ab... by Chris MacNaughton

releasing package neutron version 2:18.1.1-0ubuntu1

7e667be... by Chris MacNaughton

d/p/series: Remove reference to removed patch.

d42560b... by Chris MacNaughton

New stable point release for OpenStack Wallaby (LP: #1943709).

25fc04a... by Chris MacNaughton

Update upstream source from tag '18.1.1'

Update to upstream version '18.1.1'
with Debian dir 528349f557e05ff7f0b67351de3458a83cc68c87

f53349c... by Chris MacNaughton

New upstream version 18.1.1

cd49d8d... by Corey Bryant

New upstream version 18.1.1+git2021091315.0fa97ecceb

854defb... by Corey Bryant

d/p/revert-rely-on-worker-count-for-hashring-caching.patch: Dropped. Fixed upstream by https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/800679 in the 18.1.1 stable release.

e95cabb... by Corey Bryant

d/control: Drop neutron-fwaas dependency as it is no longer maintained (LP: #1934129).

ea5c55e... by Corey Bryant

New upstream version 18.1.0+git2021090913.64bfeae21c

a5f6b02... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:18.1.0-0ubuntu2