Last commit made on 2020-10-08
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3e9b49e... by Chris MacNaughton

d/control: Update VCS paths for move to lp:~ubuntu-openstack-dev.

219bba5... by James Page

releasing package neutron version 2:11.0.6-0ubuntu1~cloud2.1

a4b9e1d... by James Page

d/p/bug1823038.patch: Cherry pick fix to ensure that None is not passed as an argument when spawning the neutron-keepalived-state-change agent (LP: #1823038).

68937d3... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:11.0.6-0ubuntu1~cloud2

2a22b50... by Corey Bryant

d/p/fix-KeyError-in-OVS-firewall.patch: Cherry-picked from upstream to prevent neutron ovs agent from crashing due to creation of two security groups that both use the same remote security group, where the first group's port range is a subset of the second (LP: #1813007).

6ccab91... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:11.0.6-0ubuntu1~cloud1

2f8aa31... by Corey Bryant

d/p/set-initial-ha-router-state-in-neutron-keepalived-st.patch: Cherry-picked from upstream stable/rocky branch to ensure proper detection of MASTER HA router by neutron-keepalived-state-change (LP: #1818614).

314e04f... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:11.0.6-0ubuntu1~cloud0

a12b154... by Corey Bryant

d/p/0001-Skip-MTU-check-during-deletion-of-Networks.patch: Dropped. Fixed in stable point release.

700e346... by Corey Bryant

New stable point release for OpenStack Pike (LP: #1806041).