Last commit made on 2021-09-13
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2b5605d... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:18.1.1+git2021091315.0fa97ecceb-0ubuntu1

c8337f2... by Corey Bryant

New upstream snapshot for OpenStack Xena.

f02f5c8... by Corey Bryant

Update upstream source from tag '18.1.1+git2021091315.0fa97ecceb'

Update to upstream version '18.1.1+git2021091315.0fa97ecceb'
with Debian dir cf527df53e9a2976d29b95a1bc0caa374dd45aa8

cd49d8d... by Corey Bryant

New upstream version 18.1.1+git2021091315.0fa97ecceb

2282d14... by Corey Bryant

releasing package neutron version 2:18.1.0+git2021090913.64bfeae21c-0ubuntu1

6919e63... by Corey Bryant

d/p/revert-l3-ha-retry-when-setting-ha-router-gw-status.patch: Dropped. Fixed in new upstream snapshot.

b660dca... by Corey Bryant

d/p/revert-sqlalchemy-upgrade.patch: Rebased.

08d8f81... by Corey Bryant

d/p/revert-rely-on-worker-count-for-hashring-caching.patch: Dropped. Fixed upstream by https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/800679.

5ea485d... by Corey Bryant

d/control: Drop neutron-fwaas dependency as it is no longer maintained (LP: #1934129).

9a11600... by Corey Bryant

d/control: Align (Build-)Depends with upstream.