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249. By CI Train Bot Account on 2016-04-07

Releasing 3.1+16.04.20160407-0ubuntu1

248. By Barry Warsaw on 2016-04-07

* d/system-image.logrotate: Rotate the log file monthly. (LP: #1518955)
* d/control: Bump Standards-Version with no other changes necessary.
Approved by: Barry Warsaw

247. By CI Train Bot Account on 2016-03-03

Releasing 3.1+16.04.20160303-0ubuntu1

246. By CI Train Bot Account on 2016-03-03

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1386302 - In ``system-image-cli``, add a ``-m``/``--maximage``
    flag which can be used to cap a winning upgrade path to a maximum
    image number.
  - LP: #1380678 - Remove the previously deprecated ``Info()`` D-Bus method.
  - Remove the previously deprecated ``--no-reboot`` command line option.
  - LP: #1508081 - Add support for temporarily overriding the wifi-only
    setting when using ubuntu-download-manager:
    + Added ``ForceAllowGSMDownload()`` method to the D-Bus API.
    + Added ``DownloadStarted`` D-Bus signal, which gets sent when the
      download for an update has begun.
    + Added ``--override-gsm`` flag to ``system-image-cli``.
* d/control:
  - Add python3-dbusmock to Build-Depends.
  - Remove the X-Auto-Uploader header; let the train mangle the version
    numbers so that we can do dual landings.
* d/tests/control: ADd python3-dbusmock as a dependency for dryrun.
* .bzr-builddeb/default.conf: Added for split building.
* d/watch: Dropped.

245. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-28

Releasing 3.0.2-0ubuntu1

244. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-28

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1495688 - Don't crash when one of the .ini files is a dangling
  - d/rules: override_dh_auto_clean because otherwise, pybuild will
    remove the .egg-info files and that causes the Jenkins job in the CI
    train to fail.

243. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-06-18

Releasing 3.0.1-0ubuntu1

242. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-06-18

system-image 3.0.1

241. By Barry Warsaw on 2015-05-20

Manual train silo merge, required because of bot permission snafu

Merged branch lp:~barry/ubuntu-system-image/citrain30
Bug #1333414: Add --skip-gpg-verification flag
Bug #1373467: Support config.d directory
Bug #1374459: Support alternative downloaders
Bug #1377184: move archive_master file out of /etc to avoid it being treated as a conffile
Bug #1377312: Deprecate/remove support for /etc/ubuntu-build
Bug #1381538: Please rename the "reboot" hook to something more generic like "apply"
Bug #1384859: Use other machine-id files as alternatives to D-Bus file
Bug #1387719: Update useragent to contain the current channel name, device name and build id
Bug #1399687: Provide "version_detail" for latest revision on server
Bug #1412698: Upgrade path calculation incorrect
Bug #1417176: Add D-Bus signal Applied()
Bug #1419027: Add a D-Bus method to perform a "production line reset"
Bug #1423622: Please provide machine parsable output
Bug #1431696: Please make "ubuntu-download-manager" a or dependency for 3.0
Bug #1448153: system-image-cli --list-channels does not return anything
Bug #1457070: Disable DEP-8 smoketests
240. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-09-29

Releasing 2.5-0ubuntu1

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