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Name Last Modified Last Commit
raspi2 2019-07-02 18:26:41 UTC 2019-07-02
UBUNTU: Ubuntu-raspi2-

Author: Connor Kuehl
Author Date: 2019-07-02 18:26:41 UTC

UBUNTU: Ubuntu-raspi2-

Signed-off-by: Connor Kuehl <connor.kuehl@canonical.com>

master 2019-07-02 15:23:31 UTC 2019-07-02
UBUNTU: Ubuntu-

Author: Stefan Bader
Author Date: 2019-07-02 15:23:31 UTC

UBUNTU: Ubuntu-

Signed-off-by: Stefan Bader <stefan.bader@canonical.com>

snapdragon 2018-10-17 12:18:57 UTC 2018-10-17
UBUNTU: reinstate linux-snapdragon meta packages

Author: Andy Whitcroft
Author Date: 2018-10-17 11:32:39 UTC

UBUNTU: reinstate linux-snapdragon meta packages

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <apw@canonical.com>

oem 2018-04-24 09:35:31 UTC 2018-04-24
UBUNTU: Ubuntu-oem-

Author: Timo Aaltonen
Author Date: 2018-04-24 09:30:54 UTC

UBUNTU: Ubuntu-oem-

Signed-off-by: Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@debian.org>

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