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a270d84... by Iain Lane

nm.py: Stop forking udevadm and call GUdev to retrieve network adapter info

systemd 242-6ubuntu1 dropped a `/sbin/ubiquity` compatibility symlink
that we were referencing by absolute path. This broke ubiquity when run
on a system with a wireless adapter.

It'd be better instead to use a library to interface with udev, rather
than executing a subprocess and parsing its output. Let's modify the
code to do that instead.

LP: #1845730

28e140b... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Fixed crash with free software only install

scripts/{install.py,plugininstall.py}: Replaced removed property
Package.section by Version.section (LP: #1845593)

f7795b6... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

54e2fbd... by Iain Lane

Update changelog

f564f62... by Iain Lane

ubiquity-dm: Still start gsd-xsettings for non-gnome-shell desktops

Apparently budgie wants this.

LP: #1845432

ff90100... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog for reals

22de736... by Iain Lane

Update changelog again

61061c3... by Iain Lane

ubiquity-dm: Don't launch ibus when we're running gnome-shell

These days gnome-shell takes care of running it itself.

f6a2f5e... by Iain Lane

Revert "Finalise changelog"

This reverts commit 2e5f7b6c1d30cc78d2e2f4a6f3e4a0705784e268.

Going to push a second fix.

2e5f7b6... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog