Last commit made on 2019-10-31
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3e79687... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

ubiquity.templates: Fixed label of LVM + encrpytion

dbf3bbd... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

New design for advanced features

A new dialog has been added to the guided partitioning page for
advanced features. LVM, encrypted LVM and ZFS have been moved to this
new dialog.

aa829f5... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

pep8: set max line length to 120 characters

330572b... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

scripts/zsys-setup: Fixed tag name

fdf2d32... by Adam Conrad

Rewrite zsys-setup swap handling to use a swap partition.

bc33583... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

releasing package ubiquity version 19.10.21

3587482... by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

Updated translations from Launchpad.

22b1679... by Dimitri John Ledkov

scripts/plugininstall.py: skip installing extras with multiarch deps on first pass

a4e2e54... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package ubiquity version 19.10.20

03bcec2... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Automatic update of included source packages: partman-auto 134ubuntu12, partman-base 206ubuntu6 (LP: #1847944)