Merge ubiquity:sb-password-visible into ubiquity:main

Proposed by Brian Murray
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: ubiquity:sb-password-visible
Merge into: ubiquity:main
Diff against target: 33 lines (+10/-0)
2 files modified
gui/gtk/stepPrepare.ui (+2/-0)
ubiquity/plugins/ (+8/-0)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Łukasz Zemczak Pending
Ubuntu Installer Team Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change

When ubiquity was modified to make it possible to hide and unhide the encryption password and user password (c.f. the secure boot password was missed. While the keyboard layout bug ( is now fixed it is inconsistent to have some passwords be visible and others not. We should either merge this change (provided it works) or remove the ability to unhide the other passwords.

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ubiquity:sb-password-visible updated
b1ecf3a... by Brian Murray

Allow displaying of the sb password

Unmerged commits

b1ecf3a... by Brian Murray

Allow displaying of the sb password

Preview Diff

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diff --git a/gui/gtk/stepPrepare.ui b/gui/gtk/stepPrepare.ui
index 7a5d2e8..f3ed233 100644
--- a/gui/gtk/stepPrepare.ui
+++ b/gui/gtk/stepPrepare.ui
@@ -465,7 +465,9 @@
465 <property name="invisible_char">●</property>465 <property name="invisible_char">●</property>
466 <property name="activates_default">True</property>466 <property name="activates_default">True</property>
467 <property name="width_chars">35</property>467 <property name="width_chars">35</property>
468 <property name="secondary-icon-name">view-reveal-symbolic</property>
468 <signal name="changed" handler="info_loop" swapped="no"/>469 <signal name="changed" handler="info_loop" swapped="no"/>
470 <signal name="icon-press" handler="on_password_toggle_visibility" swapped="no"/>
469 </object>471 </object>
470 <packing>472 <packing>
471 <property name="left_attach">1</property>473 <property name="left_attach">1</property>
diff --git a/ubiquity/plugins/ b/ubiquity/plugins/
index 6f5d1fe..14a571b 100644
--- a/ubiquity/plugins/
+++ b/ubiquity/plugins/
@@ -305,6 +305,14 @@ class PageGtk(PreparePageBase):
306 dialog.destroy()306 dialog.destroy()
308 def on_password_toggle_visibility(self, widget, icon_pos, event):
309 from gi.repository import Gtk
310 visibility = self.password.get_visibility()
311 self.password.set_visibility(not visibility)
312 self.verified_password.set_visibility(not visibility)
313 self.password.set_icon_from_icon_name(
314 Gtk.EntryIconPosition.SECONDARY, ('view-conceal-symbolic', 'view-reveal-symbolic')[visibility])
309class PageKde(PreparePageBase):317class PageKde(PreparePageBase):
310 plugin_breadcrumb = 'ubiquity/text/breadcrumb_prepare'318 plugin_breadcrumb = 'ubiquity/text/breadcrumb_prepare'


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