Created by Robert Bruce Park on 2016-09-06 and last modified on 2022-05-01


The Official ;-) Ubuntu Emacs Daily Snapshot Recipe.

** Support for Trusty dropped Dec 1, 2016, due to emacs requiring libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev which isn't available in trusty. If you want to resurrect trusty support you'll need to backport that package from xenial **

The packaging metadata here was written completely from scratch in 2013 by Robert Bruce Park, completely discarding all legacy cruft associated with the official Emacs package for debian/ubuntu. This means:

* No distropatches. Many of the existing distropatches were backported from trunk, so this shouldn't be a big deal, however there is a chance that your favorite bug was only ever fixed in a distropatch, and that has now regressed in these snapshots.

* Little/no support for installing debian packages of elisp modules. Much of that support exists only in the form of a distropatch, which is not included here. So for example if you were to `apt-get install yaml-mode`, you would have to include "(require 'yaml-mode)" in your init, but you wouldn't be able to autoload yaml-mode like you may be accustomed to with the stable series.

* On the plus side, package.el works *excellently* and most of the packages you might want to install should be available either from MELPA or Marmalade or similar. In general, if you are using these snapshots you will want to `M-x package-install foo` rather than `apt-get install foo`.

Recipe information

Build schedule: (?)
Built daily
Ubuntu Emacs Lisp
Base source:
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Daily build archive:
Ubuntu Emacs Lisp
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Recipe contents

# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {revdate}:{revno}-{git-commit}
lp:~ubuntu-elisp/emacs/+git/master master
merge packaging lp:~ubuntu-elisp/emacs snapshot-packaging