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dccda0d... by Sebastien Bacher

Rename time_in_queue to date_queued to better match the content

776c9fb... by Sebastien Bacher

Fix spacing issues

a02c71b... by Sebastien Bacher

Include extra details in the json reports

2eaec70... by Sebastien Bacher

Write the json reports in a subdir

It's easier to list them this way. Keep the old location for compatibility

914e388... by Simon Quigley

Migrate to HTML 5.

476231f... by Simon Quigley

Add the bootstrap theme to the template to make the page much less jarring.

577ae02... by Simon Quigley

Small grammar fix.

269859a... by Simon Quigley

Move .bzrignore to .gitignore.

cb9c5ee... by Simon Quigley

Extend the sponsoring legend out one more week.

With vacations and people not looking at the queue, it is not entirely
infrequent that requests go out an extra week from three weeks. This
makes the initial week a green color and then shifts everything up one

dc4a388... by Simon Quigley

Comment out unity-settings-daemon-team and unity-control-center-team -- they really don't need to show up on the sponsorship queue any more.