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Firefox Extensions

Recent revisions

18. By Alexander Sack

* add .bzr-builddeb meta info for automatic upstream tarball production

17. By Alexander Sack

* (merge) 1.3.14~a2+snapshot20090627 contributed by rzr

16. By Alexander Sack

(merge) RELEASE 1.3.12~a1+snapshot20090326-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/jaunty
* New upstream release (LP: #309390)
  - Set the same version : from install.js to install.rdf
* debian/rules:
  - Read install.rdf instead of install.js to guess upstream version
* debian/control:
  - Added ${misc:Depends}, as lintian suggested and prefer FF-3.5
  - enhances flashplugin-nonfree
* New upstream release
* debian/*
  - Updated my email (was bouncing)
* debian/watch:
  - Renamed to watch.ex since it wont work on .xpi / cvs tree

15. By Alexander Sack

* RELEASE 1.3.11a~snapshot20081113-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/jaunty

14. By Alexander Sack

* fix bogus version in install.rdf to match APP_VERSION -> 1.3.11a
  - update install.rdf

13. By Alexander Sack

* merge 1.3.11a packaging from ~rzr branch (rev 15)

12. By Siegfried Gevatter

* debian/watch:
   - Fix it.
* debian/rules:
   - Clean up some unnecessary comments.
* debian/dirs:
   - Remove it, as it's unnecessary.
* debian/control:
   - Drop the firefox-2 alternative dependency (LP: #272959).
   - Add alternative dependencies on midbrowser and seamonkey.
   - Improve the long and short descriptions.
   - Bump Standards Version to 3.8.0.
* debian/links:
   - Change usr/lib/firefox/ to usr/lib/firefox-addons (Firefox 3).
   - Add midbrower and seamonkey.

11. By Fabien Tassin

* RELEASE 1.3.10a~snapshot20080611-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/intrepid
* fix LP: #272772: packages that Depend/Recommend/Suggest firefox (meta-package)
  must alternatively Depend/Recommend/Suggest abrowser
  - update debian/control

10. By Alexander Sack

* RELEASE 1.3.10a~snapshot20080611-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/intrepid

9. By Alexander Sack

* merge latest development by Philippe Coval <email address hidden>
  - update debian/README.Debian
  - update debian/changelog

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