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51. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-04-01

releasing version 4.32-0ubuntu4

50. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-04-01

* debian/bluez-utils.preinst: Remove /etc/modprobe.d/bluez on upgrade
* No-change rebuild to fix lpia shared library dependencies.
* New upstream release (LP: #)
  - Fix broken SDP record handling.
  - Fix SDP data buffer parsing.
  - Fix more SDP memory leaks.
  - Fix read scan enable calls.
  - Fix A2DP stream handling.
* New upstream release (LP: #335045)
  - Add support for new BtIO helper library.
  - Fix AVDTP session close issue.
  - Fix SDP memory leaks.
  - Fix various uninitialized memory issues.
  - Fix duplicate signal emissions.
  - Fix property changes request handling.
  - Fix class of device storage handling.
* New upstream release (LP: #329223)
  - Add CID field to L2CAP socket address structure.
  - Fix reset of authentication requirements after bonding.
  - Fix storing of link keys when using dedicated bonding.
  - Fix storing of pre-Bluetooth 2.1 link keys.
  - Fix resetting trust settings on every reboot.
  - Fix handling of local name changes.
  - Fix memory leaks in hciconfig and hcitool
* debian/control:
  - add ${misc:Depends} for each binary package as recommanded by lintian
* debian/bluez-utils.postrm:
  - add #DEBHELPER# as requested by lintian

49. By Michael Vogt on 2009-02-10

* New upstream version (LP: #326811)
  - Use AVRCP version 1.0 for now.
  - Decrease AVDTP idle timeout to one second.
  - Delay AVRCP connection when remote device connects A2DP.
  - Add workaround for AVDTP stream setup with broken headsets.
  - Add missing three-way calling feature bit for Handsfree.
  - Fix handsfree callheld indicator updating.
  - Fix parsing of all AT commands within the buffer.
  - Fix authentication replies when disconnected.
  - Fix handling of debug combination keys.
  - Fix handling of changed combination keys.
  - Fix handling of link keys when using no bonding.
  - Fix handling of invalid/unknown authentication requirements.
  - Fix closing of L2CAP raw socket used for dedicated bonding.
* New upstream version. (LP: #324492)
  - Add AVDTP signal fragmentation support.
  - Add more SBC performance optimizations.
  - Add more SBC audio quality improvements.
  - Use native byte order for audio plugins.
  - Set the adapter alias only after checking the EIR data.
  - Fix auto-disconnect issue with explicit A2DP connections.
  - Fix invalid memory access of ALSA plugin.
  - Fix compilation with -Wsign-compare.
* New upstream version. (LP: #304784)
  - Improves interoperability and security handling
    with Bluetooth 2.1 based devices.
* Drop previous patch, bluez is a bit strange and this is basically ok.

48. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-01-19

* debian/patches/ubuntu_dbus_policy.patch:
  - Drop send_interface allow which isn't service-specific. LP: #318740.

47. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-01-09

Add Breaks to ensure the right udev version is used.

46. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-01-07

debian/hid2hci.rules: Update to use ATTRS{} instead of SYSFS{}

45. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2009-01-07

* debian/rules: Install rules into /lib/udev/rules.d
* debian/bluez.preinst: Remove old rule if unchanged.
* New upstream release. (LP: #312087)

44. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-12-03

new upstream version, update changelog

43. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-11-05

new release 4.17 into jaunty

42. By Mario Limonciello on 2008-11-05

drop old unnecessary patches

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