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Created by Martin Pitt on 2009-03-03 and last modified on 2014-03-10
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122. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-03-10

releasing package yelp version 3.10.2-0ubuntu1

121. By Jackson Doak on 2014-03-10

* New upstream release.
  - Drop git_signal_handler.patch, fixed upstream

120. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-02-27

releasing package yelp version 3.10.1-1ubuntu2

119. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-02-27

* debian/patches/git_signal_handler.patch:
  - Don't use g_source_remove for signal handlers (lp: #1276306)

118. By Steve Langasek on 2014-01-15

Merge version 3.10.1-1 from Debian unstable

117. By Robert Ancell on 2013-12-18

* Use dh-autoreconf for current libtool.
* New upstream release:
  - Correctly detect Unity for conditional processing
  - Fixed build issue with intltool and gettext
  - Various updates for deprecated APIs in GLib and GTK
  - Added support for DocBook conditional processing on desktop environment
* debian/
  - Use Standards-Version to 3.9.4
* debian/libyelp0.symbols:
  - Removed private symbol that is no longer generated
* debian/patches/10_correctly_detect_unity.patch:
  - Applied upstream

116. By Marc Deslauriers on 2013-09-05

debian/patches/10_correctly_detect_unity.patch: properly detect Unity
by changing the testing order since Unity also provides org.gnome.Shell
and yelp was assuming it was GNOME Shell.

115. By Sebastien Bacher on 2013-05-30

releasing version 3.8.1-0ubuntu1

114. By Robert Ancell on 2012-11-12

New upstream release

113. By Iain Lane on 2012-10-23

* Resync on Debian, remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/05_menu_tooltip.patch: Change comment in .desktop file to
    refer to Unity instead of GNOME.
  - debian/patches/06_make_ubuntu_docs_default.patch: On Unity, use
    ubuntu-docs by default.
  - debian/patches/07_disable_package_search.patch: Remove "Search for
    packages" feature since it doesn't work with Ubuntu's default install.
* debian/ Install apport hook
* debian/control{,.in}: Drop Recommends on ttf-dejavu; not used by Ubuntu.
* debian/watch: Track unstable versions too
* Team upload
* New upstream release (Closes: #690953)
* Update debian/libyelp0.symbols. Symbols were dropped without bumping the
  SONAME (see GNOME #686457). Yelp is currently the only user of libyelp,
  and has a strict dependency on it, so just de-list those symbols.
* New upstream release.
* Remove Replaces: gman since there is no longer a file conflict.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
* Remove old Breaks against scrollkeeper which is no longer relevant.
* New upstream translation release.
* New upstream development release.
* debian/yelp.install: Install /usr/share/yelp-xsl directory.
* New upstream development release.
* The upstream tarball no longer contains any compressed java script files.
  So we no longer need to repack it and can drop the dependency on
* debian/patches/06_setup_error_on_missing_dbus.patch: Removed, merged
* debian/libyelp0.symbols: Add new symbols.
* Drop Build-Depends on gnome-doc-utils.
* Add Build-Depends on itstool.

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