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613d915... by Jeremy Bicha

Update changelog for totem 3.26.0-0ubuntu6.2

a294252... by Jeremy Bicha

Update Vcs fields for ubuntu/bionic

2ca7e85... by Simone Piccardi

Add Add-Mute-action.patch:

- Add Mute action so that we can use it as a Desktop Action

Gbp-Dch: Full

f74cd74... by Simone Piccardi

Modify 91_quicklist_entries.patch:

- Update Desktop Action names to match D-Bus names

Gbp-Dch: Full

d70a17b... by Sebastien Bacher

Import Debian changes 3.26.0-0ubuntu6.1

totem (3.26.0-0ubuntu6.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/git_properties_segfault.patch:
    - backport fix for nautilus sometime crashing when closing the
      video properties dialog (lp: #1433984)
  * d/p/gallery-don-t-use-command-line-options-that-got-removed-f.patch,
    - backport fixes to make the gallery plugin work again (lp: #1798399)

dda986b... by Jeremy Bicha

Import Debian changes 3.26.0-0ubuntu6

totem (3.26.0-0ubuntu6) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Add dont-make-compulsory.patch:
    Allow Totem to be uninstalled from the GNOME Software app

ccf068b... by Marco Trevisan (TreviƱo)

Importing lp:~ubuntu-desktop/totem/ubuntu

492f9ce... by Jeremy Bicha

releasing package totem version 3.26.0-0ubuntu6

(bzr r272)

0225557... by Jeremy Bicha

Allow Totem to be uninstalled from the GNOME Software app

(bzr r271)

f5c2d5d... by Jeremy Bicha

releasing package totem version 3.26.0-0ubuntu5

(bzr r270)