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ecd4b47... by Laurent Bigonville

New upstream version 1.44.0

530c1be... by Ondrej Holy

Update NEWS for 1.44.0 release

4f8b0f4... by Ondrej Holy

ci: Remove gnome-build-meta job

This job was added to check merge requests in order to prevent
gnome-build-meta breakages for example when our dependencies are changed.
However, this job needs a lot of maintenance to keep it working. Also,
the job was changed to be manual in order to not waste the capacity of
runners. Let's remove this job as it is easier to run this locally if

69b90f4... by Daniel Korostil <email address hidden>

Update Ukrainian translation

4f14209... by Milo Casagrande

Update Italian translation

475713b... by Sebastien Bacher

New upstream version 1.43.92

532e599... by Alan Mortensen

Updated Danish translation

131d1a3... by Ondrej Holy

Post release version bump

98726e7... by Ondrej Holy

Update NEWS for 1.43.92 release

4b6cfb2... by Ondrej Holy

ci: Fix gnome-build-meta job

Update docker image and also add the privileged tag as it fails otherwise
with "fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first" error.