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1f0b387... by Jeremy Bicha

New upstream version 1.36.1

1ed5c7a... by Ondrej Holy

Update NEWS for 1.36.1 release

7defb4f... by gogo

Update Croatian translation

5a5803e... by gogo

Update Croatian translation

a0e277a... by gogo

Add Croatian translation

57c499e... by Iain Lane

New upstream version 1.36.0

7c27d2b... by Ondrej Holy

backend: Fix crashes when "Volume is busy" prompt is shown

Backend crashes in on_show_processes_reply callback if
g_vfs_backend_unmount_with_operation async call has been completed
over on_update_processes_timeout in the meantime and releases GTask
data (i.e. "Volume is busy" prompt is being shown and blocking
operations have been finished).

This patch simplify the handling. With this patch, the async call
is completed only from one place, on_show_processes_reply. If there
are no more processes, g_mount_source_abort is called from
on_update_processes_timeout only and the reply is handled by
on_show_processes_reply consequently. This prevents the crashes.

Just a note that client side ensures that on_show_processes_reply is
called only once.


22e16dc... by Ondrej Holy

gvfsjobunmount: Do not print send_reply debug twice

Debug from send_reply is printed once from GVfsJobUnmount and once
from GVfsJobDBus, which is confusing and redundant, let's remove th
one from GVfsJobUnmount.


f2d8cee... by Ondrej Holy

build: Print also gvfs version in the configuration summary

Use already defined gvfs_name and gvfs_version variables to print
also gvfs version in the configuration summary.


d4be1fb... by Stas Solovey

Update Russian translation