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70d8274... by Jeremy Bicha

Finalize changelog for gnome-builder 3.30.3-1ubuntu1

c862536... by Jeremy Bicha

Merge tag 'debian/3.30.3-1' into ubuntu/master

tagging package gnome-builder version debian/3.30.3-1

264b1cd... by Jeremy Bicha

releasing package gnome-builder version 3.30.3-1

6d124f7... by Jeremy Bicha

Only enable Flatpak on arches where it has built

architecture list borrowed from gnome-software packaging

7742141... by Jeremy Bicha

New upstream release

71bfb65... by Jeremy Bicha

Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/3.30.3'

Update to upstream version '3.30.3'
with Debian dir d7e759c0e96e79870024239c934f69e102a8ce06

de144fa... by Jeremy Bicha

New upstream version 3.30.3

6eb7591... by Jeremy Bicha

Update debian/gbp.conf

0e23eb6... by Christian Hergert <email address hidden>

release 3.30.3

a3d3bc6... by Christian Hergert <email address hidden>

gdb: use --thread and --frame during stack-list-variables

This uses a simpler form to list locals for a given frame without having
to first switch thread or selected frame.

Patch provided by Simo in #748