Last commit made on 2020-08-08
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991d1d1... by Marcus Tomlinson

Specify StartupWMClass to fix snap-store dock icon

316dd69... by AsciiWolf

po: Fix the Snap Store name in cs.po

84b64e0... by Ken VanDine

Improved version string

45cafbb... by Ken VanDine

Set version with git describe

6a93891... by Ken VanDine

Updated snapd-glib part to build with meson

a9948d5... by Robert Ancell

snap: Use new banner media

daf5512... by Robert Ancell

Fix incorrect usage of new connections API

This stopped unconnected plugs from being shown.

23f439a... by Robert Ancell

Update "Snap Store" translation comment to indicate how it should be translated.
This is to fix translations that modify this too much.

f1955f9... by Robert Ancell

Stop permission switches expanding when have combo boxes

6938263... by Robert Ancell

Hide folder label

This label doesn't show correctly in snap-store as
/usr/share/desktop-directories is not present.
The folders aren't particularly useful for snaps anyway.