Last commit made on 2020-11-11
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eb45541... by Ken VanDine

Backport "Regression: packagekit: Package details not found when not having 4 semicolons"

933310b... by Robert Ancell

Revert "Change origin selector to show Snap channel information more clearly"

This reverts commit 5bdd9a37ecab6d60653b32bb038c63e26db99f31.

Snap Store now shows both Snaps and debs, so we should update to reflect that.


9c9ab7f... by Ken VanDine

Disable call to fwupd_client_set_feature_flags which requires fwupd 1.4.5 or newer on the host

87712e2... by Ken VanDine

Don't mangle XDG_DATA_DIRS, it's not needed fixes LP: #1867417

aed495d... by Sebastien Bacher

Include a translation template for launchpad

335b629... by Robert Ancell

snap: Don't allow the store to uninstall itself

b6ed1da... by Robert Ancell

Ignore language name error

0a5bd5f... by Ken VanDine

Return early to ensure we only display categories from the snap plugin

5a5f427... by Ken VanDine

Do not show non-applications in the installed panel

5510da0... by Ken VanDine

Work around an issue with querying for locally installed debs. The resulting data isn't complete, but it at least finds the installed packages.