Last commit made on 2021-10-06
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bd5b8f7... by Ken VanDine

Updated libxmlb submodule branch to main

fbc89b2... by Ken VanDine

Updated to core20 and the gnome-3-38 extension

23c4c77... by Sebastien Bacher

Use network-status which is required to get connectivity

The portal codepath was disabled until now due to a snapcraft bug which
has been fixed. The recent rebuild picked up the fix which enabled the
feature and resulted in the snap failing to fetch icons from the store.

766b86f... by Ken VanDine

Don't prime libatk and libatspi

77ca0c1... by Sebastien Bacher

Update translations template

913334c... by Sebastien Bacher

Ignore fuzzy strings in msgmerge since those are unreliable

905b485... by Sebastien Bacher

update the translations with a new launchpad export

494f078... by Robert Ancell

snap: Set snap confinement in refine stage.

The previous code didn't handle snaps with different confinement in each channel.
Switching channels with alternatives had no confinement information, and meant
that classic snaps would fail to install when not using the default channel.


09b2497... by Robert Ancell

snap: Find alternate snaps that match the AppStream ID

720b7d3... by Ken VanDine

fwupd: add some missing instances of error conversion

This should prevent FwupdError domain from leaking up to the GUI.

Suggested-by: Milan Crha <email address hidden>
Signed-off-by: Mario Limonciello <email address hidden>