Created by Martin Pitt on 2009-04-02 and last modified on 2009-05-05
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12. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-05

releasing version 3:2.10.11-1ubuntu1

11. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-05

10-fix_POTFILES.skip.patch: Add quilt's .pc/ cruft from our patches to the
ignore list, to fix FTBFS.

10. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-05

debian/rules: Call autoreconf before build, since the upstream Makefiles
call libtool/autoconf in an insufficient way, leading to an FTBFS.

9. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-04

debian/control: Fix "automake1.9" build dependency to be "automake", since
the upstream scripts expect 1.10.

8. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-04

merge with Debian unstable

7. By Martin Pitt on 2009-05-04

releasing version 3:2.10.11-0ubuntu1

6. By Martin Pitt on 2009-04-02

fix 09-autoconf.patch harder

5. By Martin Pitt on 2009-04-02

Add 04-fix-gvfs-umount.patch: Fix up gphoto-import.desktop to work with
current gvfs. Thanks to Andrew MacMillan for the suggestion! (LP: #351122)

4. By Martin Pitt on 2009-04-02

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - #572342: Better IFD offset checking.
  - #570473: gthumb write to freed memory.
  - #568894: use gtk_widget_get_action (foo), instead of
    g_object_get_data (foo, "gtk-action").
  - #565708: Fixed default launch-with-gimp hotkey to launch gimp in
    the background.
  - #563956: Fixed XML comment reading.
  - #560055: filter problems
  - #560352: Added a new gthumb-import.desktop.in file to handle
    gvfs-mounted cameras more elegantly. The camera is first unmounted,
    and the libgphoto import routines are then run.
  - #557640: Set pagesize adjustment to zero for spinbuttons, to avoid
    annoying warnings.
  - #554149: Terminate "Converting comment system...done" with
  - #555549: The "g" key now launches the "gimp" command, instead of
    the deprecated "gimp-remote" command.
  - Fix crasher bug in exif tag reading, caused by malformed tiff
  - Give the photo-import desktop file different name parameters, so
    that users can distinguish it from the normal desktop file.
* Drop patches accepted upstream:
  - 04-nautilus-import.patch
  - 10-spinbutton_adjustment.patch
* Refresh patches for new upstream version.

3. By Martin Pitt on 2009-04-02

debian/control: Set Vcs-Bzr.

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