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24. By Jeremy Bicha on 2016-10-02

releasing package gnome-user-share version 3.14.2-2ubuntu5

23. By Jeremy Bicha on 2016-10-02

* Add git_add_systemd_service.patch:
  - Backport commit from 3.22 to add systemd user service file for
    compatibility with gnome-settings-daemon 3.22
* debian/control.in:
  - Build-Depend on systemd

22. By Jeremy Bicha on 2016-10-02

releasing package gnome-user-share version 3.14.2-2ubuntu4

21. By Tim Lunn on 2016-04-10

releasing package gnome-user-share version 3.14.2-2ubuntu3

20. By Tim Lunn on 2016-04-10

debian/patches: 0001-revert-remove-preferences-application.patch
Fix launching of Prefences from nautilus share bar under unity and
patch infobar color (LP: #1562515)

19. By Tim Lunn on 2015-12-16

add missing debian patches to vcs

18. By Tim Lunn on 2015-12-16

maintscript: remove old xdg autostart file (lp: #1526894)

17. By Tim Lunn on 2015-12-01

* New Upstream release (LP: #1518813)
* Merge with Debian, Remaining changes:
  - Suggests the apache2.2-bin and libapache2-mod-dnssd binaries rather than
    depends on those, we want obex push to work out of the box but we don't
    really need webdav and the apache binaries on the default installation.
  - debian/patches:
    + 0001-revert-remove-preferences-application.patch
       Bring back the preferences app for Unity and modify to allow g-s-d sharing
       panel to also work
    + 01_notification.patch: Display an alert box instead of a notification
      for files received.
  - debian/rules:
    + Don't change path to httpd
    + Remove apache 2.2 config
* 04_webdav_optional.patch, 05_autostart_delay.patch: Refreshed
* 06_nodisplay_autostart.patch,
  07_onlyshowin_unity.patch: dropped, applied in preferences patches
* New upstream release.
* debian/control.in: Depends against bluez-obexd instead of
  obex-data-server, gnome-user-share now uses the new interfaces
* New upstream release.
* Upload to unstable.
* New upstream development release.
  - fixes build without bluetooth (eg. on kfreebsd & hurd).
* New upstream development release.
  - Note: no longer started from gnome-session, now from g-s-d sharing.
* Drop debian/patches/11_apache_noauth.patch
  - now included in upstream release.
* New upstream release.
* Update build-dependencies according to configure.ac changes:
  - drop libdbus-glib-1-dev
  - bump libgnome-bluetooth-dev to >= 3.9.3
* Bump gnome-bluetooth dependency to also be >= 3.9.3 as the build-dep.
* Drop debian/patches/02_bluetooth_optional.patch
  - configure option --disable-bluetooth now available in upstream release.
* Add gnome-common build-dependency for autoreconf to succeed.
* Bump libgnome-bluetooth-dev to >= 3.12.0-4~
  - this version fixes missing dependency on libudev-dev (avoids FTBFS)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5
* New upstream release.
* Refresh 02_bluetooth_optional.patch.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4. No further changes.
* debian/control.in:
  + Remove obsolete build dependency on scrollkeeper.
  + Switch apache2.2-bin dependency to apache2-bin for the Apache 2.4
    transition. Closes: #669729.
  + Bump minimum dependency on libapache2-mod-dnssd to 0.6-3.1~
    to get Apache 2.4 support.
* debian/patches/10_apache_2.4.patch:
  + Don't load mod_unixd.so as it is statically linked.
    Thanks Arno Töll for the insights.
* 11_apache_noauth.patch: fix the configuration with
  require_password=never. Thanks Arno Töll.
* New upstream release.
  + debian/control.in:
    - Update build dependencies.
  + debian/patches/02_bluetooth_optional.patch:
    - Updated.
  + debian/rules:
    - Pass --disable-bluetooth to configure on !linux.
* debian/rules: disable scrollkeeper
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/02_bluetooth_optional.patch
  + Updated
* Drop Build-Depends on libunique-3.0-dev.
* Bump Build-Depends on libglib2.0-dev to (>= 2.28.0).
* Update debian/copyright, drop outdated section about md5.[ch].
* Update Vcs-* URLs.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.

16. By Robert Ancell on 2013-03-03

* New upstream bugfix release
* debian/control:
  - Use standards-version 3.9.3

15. By Robert Ancell on 2012-08-25

releasing version 3.0.3-0ubuntu1

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