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89. By Iain Lane on 2017-07-25

Merge archive

88. By Iain Lane on 2017-07-11

This is a cherry-pick from 3.25.4 that avoids showing installed packages
in WhatProvides results.

87. By Iain Lane on 2017-06-23

GNOME Software provides the PackageKit session interface. Sessioninstaller
wants to do that too - Conflict with it to get it off user systems.

86. By Iain Lane on 2017-06-23

* Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
  + debian/patches/*.patch: Various Ubuntu changes - see patch headers for
    more information.
  + Add an "ubuntu-software" package with some branding for Ubuntu.
  + debian/control{,.in}, debian/rules, debian/gnome-software-plugin-snap.*:
    Enable the Snap plugin and build it into a gnome-software-plugin-snap
    binary package
  + debian/gnome-software.gsettings-override.in: Mark universe packages as
  + debian/rules: Strip -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions from LDFLAGS so that
    plugins can be loaded properly.
  + debian/source_gnome-software.py: Add an Apport hook to report which
    plugins are installed.
* New upstream release 3.25.3
* debian/control{,.in}: Bump libappstrem-glib-dev and libfwupd-dev versions
  in line with meson.build.
* debian/rules: -Denable-firmware is now called -Denable-fwupd.
* debian/patches: Drop - these are all upstream.
* debian/control.in:
  - Bump minimum appstream-glib to 0.6.7
* New upstream development release 3.25.1
* debian/watch: Find unstable versions
* Build with meson. The debhelper support isn't yet in Debian, so we're
  calling meson directly. Once it is, we can switch.
* debian/patches/0001-build-Use-the-configured-directory-locations-to-inst.patch,
  debian/patches/0003-build-limba-Set-limba-as-a-dependency.patch: Some
  cherry-picks I pushed upstream which fix the build to build and install
  all the right things.
* debian/control{,.in}, debian/gnome-software-{dev,doc}.install: Install the
  headers and gtk-doc documentation so that external plugins can be built.
* debian/rules: Build with --fail-missing.
* debian/copyright: Consolidate and update.

85. By Jeremy Bicha on 2017-06-17

releasing package gnome-software version 3.24.3-0ubuntu5

84. By Robert Ancell on 2017-06-15

* debian/patches/0001-snap-Fix-icons-not-being-converted-to-pixbufs.patch:
  - Fix snaps without icons not showing reliably (LP: #1697565)
* debian/patches/0001-snap-Mark-snaps-as-sandboxed.patch:
* debian/patches/0001-snap-Backport-fixes-from-master.patch:
  - Show featured snaps (LP: #1663097)

83. By Robert Ancell on 2017-05-23

* debian/patches/0006-Add-an-APT-plugin.patch:
  - Handle multiple debconf connections (LP: #1688721)

82. By Jeremy Bicha on 2017-05-19

releasing package gnome-software version 3.24.3-0ubuntu2

81. By Jeremy Bicha on 2017-05-19

Merge following changes from Debian experimental:

* debian/control{,.in}, debian/gnome-software-{dev,doc}.install: Install the
  headers and gtk-doc documentation so that external plugins can be built.
* debian/rules: Build with --fail-missing.

80. By Jeremy Bicha on 2017-05-18

releasing package gnome-software version 3.24.3-0ubuntu1

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