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ce00a8e... by Marcus Tomlinson

Track gobject-introspection gnome-3-32 branch

fe10fb2... by Marcus Tomlinson

vala -> autotools

29d46b7... by Marcus Tomlinson

gobject-introspection switched to meson

0bdf6e6... by Ken VanDine

Fixed sed

dcfeff9... by Ken VanDine

Sed python path for glib-mkenums

5281d24... by Ken VanDine

Added some stage-packages

d3ebb1f... by Olivier Tilloy

Rewrite pc files at the prime step so the prefix points to the installed build snap's root.

622608a... by Olivier Tilloy

Rewrite buggy pc files slightly differently.

a924bd6... by Olivier Tilloy

Remove useless vala environment variables (they are not recognized by valac).

42c68e1... by Olivier Tilloy

Remove unnecessary .pc files manipulations, as snapcraft already handles this.