Last commit made on 2021-11-16
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6c28652... by Sebastien Bacher

Build libportal using a stable tag and not master

7051bba... by Sebastien Bacher

Update the json-glib arguments naming

589ade2... by Sebastien Bacher

Use the correct gir option naming for pango

738c749... by Ken VanDine

Set meson-version for gjs and p11-kit

8da86ee... by Ken VanDine

Set meson-version for json-glib

d5adeda... by Ken VanDine

Set meson-version for pango

0ee3d9e... by Ken VanDine

Specify meson-version for cairo

c5adcac... by Ken VanDine

Stage libappindicator3-dev

f8ffa69... by Ken VanDine

Updated gtk to 3.24.29 for gsettings fallback improvements

b812060... by Ken VanDine

Cleanup after libunity addition