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3556cb3... by Ken VanDine

Merge branch 'gnome-3-34-1804' of into gnome-3-34-1804

4ab2daf... by Ken VanDine

Stage libdbus-glib-1-2

793ba9e... by Marcus Tomlinson

Merge branch 'gnome-3-34-1804' into 'gnome-3-34-1804'

Drop unneeded -dev packages and files (Saves ~50MB)

See merge request Community/Ubuntu/gnome-sdk!21

414e251... by Ken VanDine

Revert "Remove files duplicated from core18"

This reverts commit ba5732ed80e64704b4646af07743ef7e66e3fe1a.

3009fc7... by Ken VanDine

Stage libmozjs, needed by gjs

2c86692... by Marcus Tomlinson

Grab the build-snap from candidate

17f7bd2... by Ken VanDine

Merge branch 'add-appindicator' into 'gnome-3-34-1804'

Add libappindicator to stage

See merge request Community/Ubuntu/gnome-sdk!10

8fbe2dd... by Heather Ellsworth

Add libappindicator to stage

776d744... by Marcus Tomlinson

Move libtdb1 and libvorbisfile3 into sdk

220fb1f... by Heather Ellsworth

Merge branch 'gnome-3-34-1804' into 'gnome-3-34-1804'

Create gnome-3-34-1804 platform snap

See merge request Community/Ubuntu/gnome-sdk!6