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98f9e67... by Ken VanDine

Merge branch 'add-preloads' into 'master'

Add snapcraft preloads

See merge request Community/Ubuntu/gnome-3-28-1804!2

da51228... by Heather Ellsworth

Add snapcraft preloads

de3d74c... by Ken VanDine

Stage libegl-mesa0 to ensure apps requiring EGL fuction

27c9498... by Ken VanDine

Revert removal of ubuntu-settings overrides

2fd7c73... by Ken VanDine

Dropped ubuntu-settings so we don't get gsettings overrides

9303a49... by Ken VanDine

Added gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 and gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0

9681d7e... by Ken VanDine

Updated description to reflect the proper base

ebebfe0... by Ken VanDine

Merge branch 'gjs-support' into 'master'

Add gjs and python webkit support

Closes #5

See merge request Community/Ubuntu/gnome-3-28-1804!1

ef15a78... by Merlijn Sebrechts

Add gjs and python webkit support

aa70833... by Ken VanDine

Added fonts-noto-color-emoji