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d07c316... by Nick Rosbrook

Release update-notifier

6e0ec1f... by Nick Rosbrook

update changelog

8d925f3... by Nick Rosbrook

po: restore reboot notification translations

Commit 12c4155458 ("reboot: restore reboot required notification") does
not restore the translations for the reboot notification, because the
reverted commit is not the one that removed them.

Restore the translations using ee490e5f3b because it is the last commit
that made real changes to the reboot notification translations. In
particular, restore the translations using the following:

 $ for f in $(ls -1 po/*.po); do git show ee490e5f3b:$f | awk -v RS='' -v ORS='\n\n' '/reboot\.c/' >> $f; done
 $ for f in $(ls -1 po/*.po); do git show ee490e5f3b:$f | awk -v RS='' -v ORS='\n\n' '/reboot-dialog\.ui/' >> $f; done

Then, update translations to fixup the formatting.

f476f6b... by Nick Rosbrook

po: update translations

570754e... by Nick Rosbrook

reboot: wait 3 hours since last /var/lib/dpkg/info update

Do not show the reboot notification until 3 hours have passed since the
last update to /var/lib/dpkg/info/. Accomplish this by adding
dpkg_info_time_since_update() and dpkg_info_updated() helper
functions. Monitor /var/lib/dpkg/info in monitor_cb to determine when
the directory or a file within it are updated.

937722f... by Michael Vogt

reboot: also check for a running unattended-upgrades

4ee69f1... by Nick Rosbrook

debian/update-notifier.install: ship reboot-dialog.ui

49e709b... by Nick Rosbrook

reboot: restore reboot required notification

This is a partial revert of commit d4ee541cd90216e8a8ac25ddb3c250aff1eac505.

Specifically, revert the changes that pertain to:

  * Remove reboot required notification as update-manager itself indicates
    when a reboot is required and it only appeared when auto-launch was set to

The motivation for restoring this functionality is to provide a notification
when a reboot is required as a result of unattended-upgrades.

4216aa9... by Sebastien Bacher

releasing package update-notifier version 3.192.64

3ce68b4... by Danilo Egea Gondolfo

Small code style fix

The new pycodestyle is causing a regression on update-notifier due to an
style issue that it wasn't catching before:

tests/apt_check.py:483:11: E275 missing whitespace after keyword