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25348c2... by Iain Lane

List OEM metapackages before invoking update-manager

Before invoking update-manager, run a helper script to figure out if
there are any oem-*-meta packages which apply to this system. These are
enablement packages maintained by Canonical which install any tweaks
required by a particular piece of hardware.

The script takes care to exit quickly if it's been run before or if
the system is already enabled.

It uses ubuntu-drivers' python interface, so we need to add a dependency
to make sure that is available.

There will be a companion change in update-manager to consume this list.

d22c3e0... by Brian Murray

More avahi removals.

85fa097... by Brian Murray

One last avahi reference.

becb1c8... by Brian Murray

Further avahi removals

1dc9946... by Brian Murray

Remove avahi .local notification support.

1249c55... by Balint Reczey

debian/gbp.conf: Add default configuration

e646133... by Balint Reczey

Create .gitignore based on old .bzrignore

a77bcb3... by Balint Reczey

debian/control: Update Vcs-*: URLs

fee10fd... by Brian Murray

Import Debian version 3.192.31

update-notifier (3.192.31) groovy; urgency=medium

  * Update debian/tests/control to depend on pyflakes3 not pyflakes.

ce061a4... by Sebastien Bacher

upload to focal