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5f47eb3... by Lucas Albuquerque Medeiros de Moura

* debian/control: add lsb-release to the update-notifier-common depends as
  it is used by apt-cdrom-check. (LP: #1927996)
* data/apt_check.py
  - Only show esm-apps alerts on lts and non-esm distros (LP: #1926990)
  - Update esm-infra alert for distros on ESM mode
  - Show message with number of upgradable packages even if that
    number is zero (LP: #1926819)
  - Get distro name and version directly from /etc/os-release
  - Fallback to lsb_release command if there are any problems using
    /etc/os-release as source of information
  - Show esm-apps status header when running on LTS distro that
    has not yet entered Extended Security Maintenance

ae504b2... by Brian Murray

Address segfault regression in the 3.192.40 update (LP: #1926298) related to hook command path lookup

0b2cdeb... by Chad Smith

* data/apt_check.py:
  - Add support to handle packages from ESM Apps in addition to ESM Infra
    and only display alerts if the distro is ESM. (LP: #1924766)
  - Do not display a count of ESM packages if the system does not have ESM
    enabled. (LP: #1883315)
  - Make distinction between standard security updates and ESM updates
    when performing package counts. (LP: #1926208)
  - use 'applied' instead of 'installed', redact 0 of these updates are
    security updates, and correct singular messages
* debian/control: Add a dependency on python3-distro-info.

0856b93... by Dan Bungert

Check command before we offer it

Don't prompt to update for a command if that command doesn't exist.

dda28a8... by Iain Lane

Update & finalise changelog

b6f2778... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackage: Handle bad apt indexes

apt.Cache() can fail if the apt lists can't be parsed for whatever
reason. Handle that and exit 0 so that update-notifier continues.

A consequence of being in this state is that we can't find any oem
metapackages if any are applicable. If the indexes become good again
then we'll find them next time.

LP: #1913726

175f2b8... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackage: Drop unused logging import

58c4ec4... by Iain Lane

data/list-oem-metapackages: Run black

b1ab789... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

7557834... by Iain Lane

Update changelog