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b278dfb... by Lukas Märdian

Extra-Exclude: exclude rust-1.76-doc

To avoid component-mismatch on highlight.js and fonts-open-sans

692f609... by Utkarsh Gupta

Add unminimize to server-cloud-minimal seed

So that it's seeded for both, the server and the
cloud-minimal seed, ahead of dropping unminimize
script from livecd-rootfs.

Merged branch ~utkarsh/ubuntu-seeds/+git/ubuntu:unminimize-oracular
a9e9524... by Jeremy Bícha

Extra-Exclude: exclude libwebrtc-audio-processing-dev

libwebrtc-audio-processing-dev depend on libabsl-dev
which recommends googletest which is not in main
and doesn't otherwise seem needed in main
(The library itself doesn't need googletest)

5721fc3... by Jeremy Bícha

Revert "Add rustc-1.76 to supported"

This reverts commit 90760b7df54bcbb0b7563aeacc574aa288b86804

This is assumed to be a build dependency only and build
dependencies do not need to be in main.
We don't need more than one rustc in main.

90760b7... by Jeremy Bícha

Add rustc-1.76 to supported

1e42ad7... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

explicitly include initramfs-tools in desktop-minimal

It turns out that

 (a) the only thing keeping initramfs-tools in this seed was a spurious
     dependency of brltty
 (b) if initramfs-tools is not installed in the base layer of an ISO
     build that also includes plymouth it breaks

brltty 6.6-5ubuntu1 dropped the spurious depends and so broke desktop
ISO builds. livecd-rootfs should probably be fixed but adding
initramfs-tools back to the seed, explicitly this time, should fix the

(I think even before this point, the only reason ISO builds worked was
that 'p' for 'plymouth' sorts after 'i' for 'initramfs-tools')

96bb5e0... by Jeremy Bícha

Extra-Exclude: exclude libabsl-dev because it recommends libgtest-dev

The recommends seems reasonable

But there is no need to promote googletest to main at this time

4eb19e8... by Jeremy Bícha

supported: fix malcontent line

dd81779... by Jeremy Bícha

supported: Add malcontent

9ffddf6... by Jeremy Bícha

supported: Add libpam-malcontent