Last commit made on 2014-10-24
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849469f... by Oliver Grawert on 2014-10-24

remove hud

b5fac7a... by Oliver Grawert on 2014-10-23

seed gir1.2-ubuntu-app-launch-2 which was held in teh image by an autoopilot dependency

22bbdb3... by Oliver Grawert on 2014-10-21

drop all autopilot packacges from the rootfs

390b514... by Oliver Grawert on 2014-10-15

remove the account-plugin-evernote deb from touch (but leave it in desktop, since it is still needed there), the click package now ships this bit on phones

0cd48c7... by Colin Watson on 2014-10-10

Update Android Mir platform backends for Mir 0.8.0.

26a8f69... by Ricardo Salveti on 2014-10-03

Merging lp:~sil2100/ubuntu-seeds/remove_apparmor_exts

ca486a5... by Ɓukasz Zemczak on 2014-10-03

Remove signon-apparmor-extension from the touch seed as currently it's causing many regressions

dbe4f96... by Colin Watson on 2014-10-03

[r=cjwatson] Include Canonical's cmake-extras project in sdk-libs.

603f0a8... by Oliver Grawert on 2014-09-29

revert the lot of libqt additions, as the -gles variants will break desktop installs that have the SDK installed

4bc596d... by Colin Watson on 2014-09-29

Adjust r249 to use -gles variants on x86, so that ubuntu-touch is installable (since it depends on ubuntu-sdk-libs with emulator support).