Last commit made on 2020-08-18
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8390d3c... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Drop python3-djorm-ext-pgarray, not needed since django 1.8


a6bea07... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Drop unsupported things from boot seed

2b0baf2... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Trip unsupported things from d-i-requirements, to allow demotion/removal.

3d77840... by Rafael David Tinoco

promote targetcli-fb and its dependencies to main

ac101c8... by Dimitri John Ledkov

seed shims signed with Canonical keys.

c4466ed... by Matthias Klose

 replace libstdc++-9-pic with libstdc++-10-pic

565d6c2... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Merge branch 'remove-popularity-contest' into groovy

227cd2d... by Andreas Hasenack

Seed adcli and realmd

LP: #1868159
LP: #1868154

2baf33e... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Seed tlp for OEM meta

c1d870f... by Corey Bryant

Seed python3-ovn-octavia-provider

LP: #1864666